Use the akamai_gtm_domain resource to create, configure, and import a GTM Domain, which is a basic building block of a traffic management configuration.



Import requires an ID with this format: existing_domain_name.


resource "akamai_gtm_domain" "demodomain" {
    contract = "XXX"
    group = 100
    name = ""
    type =  "basic"
    comment =  "some comment"

Argument reference

This resource supports these arguments:

  • contract - (Required) If creating a domain, the contract ID.
  • group - (Required) If creating a domain, the currently selected group ID.
  • name - (Required) The DNS name for a collection of GTM Properties.
  • type - (Required) Th type of GTM domain. Options include failover-only, static, weighted, basic, or full.
  • wait_on_complete - (Optional) A boolean that, if set to true, waits for transaction to complete.
  • comment - (Optional) A descriptive note about changes to the domain. The maximum is 4000 characters.
  • email_notification_list - (Optional) A list of email addresses to notify when a change is made to the domain.
  • default_timeout_penalty - (Optional) Specifies the timeout penalty score. Default is 25.
  • load_imbalance_percentage - (Optional) Indicates the percentage of load imbalance factor (LIF) for the domain.
  • default_ssl_client_private_key - (Optional) Specifies a Base64-encoded private key that corresponds with the TLS certificate for HTTPS, SMTPS, POPS, and TCPS liveness tests.
  • default_error_penalty - (Optional) Specifies the download penalty score. The default is 75. If the download encounters an error, the web agent computes a score that is either the download time in seconds or a penalty score.
  • cname_coalescing_enabled - (Optional) A boolean that if set to true, GTM collapses CNAME redirections in DNS answers when it knows the target of the CNAME.
  • load_feedback - (Optional) A boolean indicating whether one or more measurements of load (resources) are defined by you and supplied by each data center in real time to balance load.
  • default_ssl_client_certificate - (Optional) Specifies an optional Base64-encoded certificate that corresponds with the private key for TLS-based liveness tests (HTTPS, SMTPS, POPS, and TCPS).
  • end_user_mapping_enabled - (Optional) A boolean indicating whether whether the GTM Domain is using end user client subnet mapping.
  • sign_and_serve - (Optional) Whether we signed the domain's resource record for validation by a validating resolver.
    • true means we did.
    • false means we didn't.
  • sign_and_serve_algorithm - (Optional) The signing algorithm used for sign_and_serve. Value is one of:
    • RSA_SHA1
    • RSA_SHA256
    • RSA_SHA512
    • ECDSA_P256_SHA256
    • ECDSA_P384_SHA384
    • ED25519
    • ED448

Attribute reference

This resource returns these computed attributes in the terraform.tfstate file:

  • default_unreachable_threshold
  • min_pingable_region_fraction
  • servermonitor_liveness_count
  • round_robin_prefix
  • servermonitor_load_count
  • ping_interval
  • max_ttl
  • default_health_max
  • map_update_interval
  • max_properties
  • max_resources
  • default_error_penalty
  • max_test_timeout
  • default_health_multiplier
  • servermonitor_pool
  • min_ttl
  • default_max_unreachable_penalty
  • default_health_threshold
  • min_test_interval
  • ping_packet_size