Environment variables

As an alternative way to pass commonly used or globally used Akamai key-value pairs, you can set up and use environment variables with your Terraform configurations.

We support environment variables for credentials, body size, request limits, and global retries.

When using multiple API clients, add in the section header in all caps after AKAMAI_. For example, if you've got a papi section in your .edgerc file, you'd add in PAPI.

To use environment variables, format your statement with the export command followed by the variable and value as the argument.

// string
$ export <variable>="value" 

// integer
$ export <variable>=n-value 
AKAMAI_CLIENT_SECRETString. Your default client secret.
AKAMAI_HOSTString. Your default host.
AKAMAI_ACCESS_TOKENString. Your default access token.
AKAMAI_CLIENT_TOKENString. Your default client token.
AKAMAI_PAPI_CLIENT_SECRETString. Any other credential section heading.
AKAMAI_PAPI_HOSTString. Any other credential section heading.
AKAMAI_PAPI_ACCESS_TOKENString. Any other credential section heading.
AKAMAI_PAPI_CLIENT_TOKENString. Any other credential section heading.
AKAMAI_ACCOUNT_KEYString. An account switch key.
AKAMAI_MAX_BODYInteger. The maximum message body size in bytes. The default is 131072 bytes.
AKAMAI_REQUEST_LIMITInteger. The maximum number of requests to make per second.
AKAMAI_RETRY_MAXThe maximum number of retries for a request. Default is 10.
AKAMAI_RETRY_WAIT_MINThe minimum wait time between request retries. Default is 1 second.
AKAMAI_RETRY_WAIT_MAXThe maximum wait time between request retries. Default is 30 seconds.