DNS zone


Average processing time1-2 minutes

Use the akamai_dns_zone resource to configure a DNS zone that integrates with your existing DNS infrastructure.


resource "akamai_dns_zone" "demozone" {
    contract = "ctr_1-AB123"
    group = 100
    zone = "example.com"
    type =  "secondary"
    masters = [
    comment =  "some comment"
    sign_and_serve = false

Argument reference

This resource supports these arguments:

  • comment - (Required) A descriptive comment.

  • contract - (Required) The contract ID.

  • group - (Optional) The currently selected group ID.

  • zone - (Required) The domain zone, encapsulating any nested subdomains.

  • type - (Required) Whether the zone is primary, secondary, or alias.

  • masters - (Required for secondary zones) The names or IP addresses of the nameservers that the zone data should be retrieved from.

  • target - (Required for alias zones) The name of the zone whose configuration this zone will copy.

  • sign_and_serve - (Optional) Whether DNSSEC Sign and Serve is enabled.

  • sign_and_serve_algorithm - (Optional) The algorithm used by Sign and Serve.

  • tsig_key - (Optional) The TSIG Key used in secure zone transfers. If used, requires these arguments:

    • name - The key name.
    • algorithm - The hashing algorithm.
    • secret - String known between transfer endpoints.
  • end_customer_id - (Optional) A free form identifier for the zone.


The provider zone resource import does not have access to the resource configuration during import processing. As such, the contract argument will be populated in the Terraform zone resource state after the import but the group attribute will not. Executing a terraform apply will reconcile the configuration and the terraform zone resource state.