Recategorized Akamai-defined bot


Moves an Akamai-defined bot to a custom bot category.


resource "akamai_botman_recategorized_akamai_defined_bot" "recategorized_bot" {
  config_id   = data.akamai_appsec_configuration.configuration.config_id
  bot_id      = "cc9c3f89-e179-4892-89cf-d5e623ba9dc7"
  category_id = "2c8add8e-a23c-4c3e-a5c9-8a3dc0d4c0b8"

Argument reference

This resource supports the following arguments:

  • config_id (Required). Unique identifier of the security configuration associated with the bot being recategorized.
  • bot_id (Required). Unique identifier of the Akamai-defined bot to be recategorized.
  • category_id (Required). Unique identifier of the custom category the bot is being moved to. Note that you can only move bots to a custom category. You can‚Äôt move a bot to an Akamai-defined category.