Average processing time3-5 minutes

Use the akamai_networklist_activations resource to activate a network list in either the STAGING or PRODUCTION environment.


provider "akamai" {
  edgerc = "~/.edgerc"

data "akamai_networklist_network_lists" "network_lists_filter" {
  name = var.network_list

resource "akamai_networklist_activations" "activation" {
  network_list_id     = data.akamai_networklist_network_lists.network_lists_filter.list[0]
  network             = "STAGING"
  sync_point          =  0
  note                = "TEST Notes"
  notification_emails = [""]

Argument reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • network_list_id - (Required) The ID of the network list to be activated
  • network - (Optional) The network to be used, either STAGING or PRODUCTION. If not supplied, defaults to STAGING.
  • notes - (Optional) A comment describing the activation.
  • notification_emails - (Required) A bracketed, comma-separated list of email addresses that will be notified when the operation is complete.

Attributes reference

In addition to the arguments above, the following attribute is exported:

  • status - The string ACTIVATED if the activation was successful, or a string identifying the reason why the network list was not activated.