DNS record set


Get a list of record sets for a given zone.

data "akamai_dns_record_set" "my_dns_record_set" {
  zone        = "my_zone.com"
  host        = "my_host.com"
  record_type = "A"

output "my_dns_record_set" {
  value = join(",", data.akamai_dns_record_set.my_dns_record_set.rdata)
Changes to Outputs:
  + my_dns_record_set = "a1-12.akam.net.,a2-23.akam.net.,a3-34.akam.net.,a4-45.akam.net.,a5-56.akam.net.,a6-67.akam.net."


All arguments are required in the declaration to get information about the record sets.

zone✔️The domain zone, including any nested subdomains.
host✔️The base credential hostname without the protocol.
record_type✔️The DNS record type.


Returned to you is a computed list of multiple records within a set for your query's domain zone, hostname, and record type.