DNS record set


Use the akamai_dns_record_set data source to list the record sets for a zone.

Example usage

Basic usage:

data "akamai_dns_record_set" "test" {
  zone        = "exampleterraform.io"
  host        = "www.exampleterraform.io"
  record_type = "A"

output "test_addrs" {
  value = join(",", data.akamai_dns_record_set.test.rdata)

Argument reference

This data source supports these arguments:

  • zone - (Required) The domain zone, including any nested subdomains.
  • host - (Required) The base credential hostname without the protocol.
  • record_type - (Required) The DNS record type.

Attributes reference

This data source supports this attribute:

  • rdata - An array of data strings, representing multiple records within a set.