This behavior allows Akamai edge servers to retrieve cached content from other Akamai servers, rather than directly from the origin. These interim parent servers in the cache hierarchy (CH) are positioned close to the origin, and fall along the path from the origin to the edge server. Tiered Distribution typically reduces the origin server's load, and reduces the time it takes for edge servers to refresh content. This advanced behavior provides a wider set of options than tiered​_distribution.


When enabled, activates tiered distribution.


Optionally map the tiered parent server's location close to your origin: CHEU2 for Europe; CHAUS for Australia; CHAPAC for China and the Asian Pacific area; CHWUS2, CHCUS2, and CHEUS2 for different parts of the United States. Choose CH or CH2 for a more global map. A narrower local map minimizes the origin server's load, and increases the likelihood the requested object is cached. A wider global map reduces end-user latency, but decreases the likelihood the requested object is in any given parent server's cache. This option cannot apply if the property is marked as secure. See Secure property requirements for guidance.