Edge Connect Message Store is available for Internet of Things: Edge Connect users. It lets you create databases and data sets within these databases. You can use this object store to save files smaller than 2 GB. ecms​Database specifies a default database for requests to this property, unless indicated otherwise in the URL. To access objects in the default database, you can skip its name in the URLs. To access objects in a different database, pass its name in the header, query parameter, or a regular expression matching a URL segment. You can also configure the ecms​_dataset behavior to specify a default data set for requests.


Specifies a default database for this property. If you don't configure a default data set in the ecms​_dataset behavior, requests to objects in this database follow the pattern: <hostname>/datastore/<data_set_name>/<object_key>.


Specifies where to pass a database name in requests. If the specified location doesn't include the database name or the name doesn't match the regular expression, the default database is used.


Name is a request header.


Name is a query parameter.


Name matches the URL.


Specifies the request header that passed the database name. By default, it points to X-KV-Database.

extract_​location is CLIENT_​REQUEST_​HEADER

Specifies the query string parameter that passed the database name. By default, it points to database.

extract_​location is QUERY_​STRING

Specifies the regular expression that matches the database name in the URL.

extract_​location is REGEX