• Property Manager name: Client IP
  • Criteria version: The v2023-09-20 rule format supports the client_​ip criteria v1.1.
  • Rule format status: GA, stable
  • Access: Read-write
  • Allowed in includes: Yes

Matches the IP number of the requesting client. To use this condition to match end-user IP addresses, apply it together with the request​_type matching on the CLIENT_​REQ value.


Matches the contents of values if set to IS_​ONE_​OF, otherwise IS_​NOT_​ONE_​OF reverses the match.


Matches any of the specified values.


Does not match any of the specified values.

valuesstring array

IP or CIDR block, for example: 71.​92.​0.0/14.

{"displayType":"string array","tag":"input","todo":true}

When connecting via a proxy server as determined by the X-Forwarded-For header, enabling this option matches the connecting client's IP address rather than the original end client specified in the header.