• Property Manager name: Breadcrumbs
  • Behavior version: The v2024-05-31 rule format supports the breadcrumbs behavior v1.1.
  • Rule format status: GA, stable
  • Access: Read/Write
  • Allowed in includes: Yes

Provides per-HTTP transaction visibility into a request for content, regardless of how deep the request goes into the Akamai platform. The Akamai-Request-BC response header includes various data, such as network health and the location in the Akamai network used to serve content, which simplifies log review for troubleshooting.


Enables the Breadcrumbs feature.


Specifies whether to include Breadcrumbs data in the response header. To bypass the current opt_‚Äčmode, append the opposite ak-bc query string to each request from your player.


Whether to collect all Breadcrumbs data in logs, including the response headers sent a requesting client. This can also be helpful if you're using Data‚ÄčStream 2 to retrieve log data. This way, all Breadcrumbs data is carried in the logs it uses.