Include activation


Get activation details for an include on the provided network.

You can also modify the activation time out with the AKAMAI_ACTIVATION_TIMEOUT environment variable, providing time in minutes. The default time out is 30 minutes.

Basic usage

This example returns the include activation on a specified network based on the contract, group, and include IDs.

data "akamai_property_include_activation" "my_example" {
  contract_id = "ctr_1234"
  group_id    = "grp_5678"
  include_id  = "inc_9012"
  network     = "PRODUCTION"

output "my_example" {
  value = data.akamai_property_include_activation.my_example

The activation time out. Here, set at 120 minutes.


Argument reference

This data source supports these arguments:

  • contract_id - (Required) A contract's unique ID, including the optional ctr_ prefix.
  • group_id - (Required) A group's unique ID, including the optional grp_ prefix.
  • include_id - (Required) An include's unique ID with the optional inc_ prefix.
  • network - (Required) The Akamai network where you want to check the activation details, either STAGING or PRODUCTION. STAGING is the default.

Attributes reference

This data source returns these attributes:

  • version - The version of the activated include.
  • name - The descriptive name for the property.
  • note - A log message assigned to the activation request.
  • notify_emails - The list of email addresses notified when the activation status changes.