Certificate Signing Request


When setting up a third-party enrollment, use the akamai_cps_csr data source to retrieve the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for that enrollment. When you create an enrollment in CPS, you also generate a PEM-formatted CSR. CPS encodes the CSR with a private key using either the RSA or the ECDSA algorithm. The CSR contains all the information the certificate authority (CA) needs to issue your certificate.

If you're using dual-stacked certificates, you'll see data for both ECDSA and RSA keys.


Dual-stacked certificates are enabled by default for third-party enrollments.

Basic usage

This example shows how to return CSR information for enrollment ID 12345:

provider "akamai" {
  edgerc         = "../../config/edgerc"

data "akamai_cps_csr" "example" {
  enrollment_id = 12345

Argument reference

This data source supports this argument:

  • enrollment_id - (Required) Unique identifier of the enrollment.

Attributes reference

This data source returns these attributes:

  • csr_rsa - Returns CSR information for a certificate that uses the RSA algorithm.
  • csr_ecdsa - Returns CSR information for a certificate that uses the ECDSA algorithm.