Product limits

Keep these limitations in mind when designing your EdgeWorkers functions. These limitations apply to all EdgeWorkers functions regardless of the selected resource tier.

You can also refer to the limitations that are applied based on the resource tier you selected for your EdgeWorker ID.

Supported delivery productsIon
Dynamic Site Accelerator (DSA)
Adaptive Media Delivery
Download Delivery
Object Delivery
API Acceleration
Supported delivery methodEnhanced TLS
When you've applied a custom certificate to a property configuration, the associated Edge hostname uses the domain.

Standard TLS, used to serve non PCI compliant traffic over HTTP or HTTPS via an edge hostname, is also supported. At the moment you need to contact your Akamai representative or reach out via the Serverless Slack channel to opt-in to this new feature.

Note: EdgeKV is currently not supported if you select the Standard TLS delivery method.

EdgeWorkers is not supported on ‚ÄčAkamai‚Äč CDNs created to accommodate unique regional or governmental requirements. This limitation currently includes China CDN.
Execution restrictionsEdgeWorkers functions cannot be executed by an ESI (Edge Side Includes) fragment request.
Number of EdgeWorker scripts executed per request1
Maximum number of EdgeWorker IDs per account200
Maximum number of versions per EdgeWorker ID1000
Maximum number of activations each minute on a network per account20
Maximum number of activations each day per account500
Compressed size for a code bundle512 KB
Uncompressed size for a code bundle1 MB
Maximum response header size for HTTP sub-requests8000 bytes
Maximum body size for responses created through the respondWith() method2048 characters
Maximum body size for responses from origin to an EdgeWorkers function, using httpRequest()128 KB when using json() or text() to buffer the entire response.

5 MB when using body to read the response as a stream.
Maximum body size for responses from an EdgeWorkers function to a browser when the response is passed through as a string100,000 bytes if you pass a string to createResponse in responseProvider

No direct limit if you pass a stream to createResponse in responseProvider.
Maximum body size for responses from an EdgeWorkers function to a client browser2048 characters if you use request.respondWith() in the onClientRequest or onClientResponse event handler.
Maximum body size when request.text() or request.json() is called in the responseProvider event handler16 KB
Maximum streaming request body size when request.body is called in the responseProvider event handler1 MB