EdgeWorkers Management application Hello World

Here's a high-level overview of the steps required to activate a code sample using the EdgeWorkers Management application.

For instructions on how to return detailed debugging information about your EdgeWorkers, go to the Enhanced debug headers section.

1Create an EdgeWorker IDCreate an EdgeWorker ID to activate and manage your Hello World code bundle.
2Add the EdgeWorker behaviorSelect the EdgeWorker ID you created for the Hello World tutorial when you add the EdgeWorkers behavior.
3Create the Hello World code bundleGo to the EdgeWorkers GitHub repository and download the main.js and bundle.json files from the hello-world project.
4Deploy Hello WorldTo deploy your Hello World code bundle you need to create a version and activate it on the staging or production network.
5Test Hello WorldTo test the Hello World code sample make a request to exercise the EdgeWorker and note the response.