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Add the EdgeWorkers behavior

Use Property Manager to enable the behavior in your ​Akamai​ property configuration.

Before you begin, Create an EdgeWorker ID so you can select it in EdgeWorkers behavior in Property Manager.

  1. Navigate to your property in ​Akamai Control Center​.

  2. Click Edit.

  3. Click Add rule.

    Add new RuleAdd new Rule

  4. Enter a name.

  5. Choose a match criteria and scope.

    Scope EdgeWorkersScope EdgeWorkers


Scope defines which requests should have EdgeWorkers functions applied. By limiting the scope you can avoid unnecessary serverless hits, which can improve performance and reduce cost.

  1. Search for EdgeWorkers in available behaviors.

    Search for EdgeWorkers behaviorSearch for EdgeWorkers behavior

  2. Change the setting to On.

  3. Click Insert Behavior.

  4. Select an EdgeWorker identifier from the list.

    If you haven't created an EdgeWorker identifier, click the link in the information dialog. The EdgeWorkers Management application will open in a new window.

    Once you have created your EdgeWorker identifier, close the window and reload the Property Manager Editor page. Now you can select the new EdgeWorker identifier from the list.

  5. Save your property.

  6. Click the Activate tab.

  7. Click the Activate on Staging or Activate on Production button.

    Once you've added the EdgeWorkers behavior in Property Manager follow the steps in the Hello world tutorial . This section also includes details about how to Activate an EdgeWorker version on the staging or production network.

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Add the EdgeWorkers behavior

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