Create an EdgeWorker ID

Before you begin make sure you have an authentication token for the EdgeWorkers API. Your administrator can create an API client in Control Center for the EdgeWorkers service. Make sure you replace the <access token> with the OPEN APIs section from your .edgerc file.

  1. Verify that you have access to the groupId you want to use.
http --timeout=30 --auth-type edgegrid -a <section-name>: GET :/edgeworkers/v1/groups


If you don't see the groupId you want to use or if you received an error the likely cause is that your access token does not have the proper permissions. For more information on Groups and Permissions see Identity and Access Management help or contact your ​Akamai​ Administrator.

  1. Create a new EdgeWorker ID:
http --timeout=30 --auth-type edgegrid -a <section-name>: POST :/edgeworkers/v1/ids groupId=<groupId> name=<name> resourceTierId=<resourceTierId>
  • Replace <groupId> with the groupId for your Access Group.

  • Replace <name> with Hello World.

  • Replace <resourceTierId> with 200.

    You will use this name to select the EdgeWorker in the Property Manager behavior.

  1. To verify the EdgeWorker Identifier was created, try issuing this API request. If you successfully created the EdgeWorker ID, you should see unique identifier in the list.
http --timeout=30 --auth-type edgegrid -a <section-name>: GET :/edgeworkers/v1/ids groupId=<groupId>
  • Replace <groupId> with the groupId for your Access Group.
  1. Next, follow these instructions to add the EdgeWorkers behavior.