About JavaScript troubleshooting

In this section you'll find information about debugging, logging, error codes, and how to resolve common errors. EdgeWorkers provides four different debugging and logging options.

Standard debug headersProvides general status and EdgeWorker information (id, version, and name) for the executed EdgeWorkers function.
Enhanced debug headersAs a best practice you should enable enhanced debug headers.
These enhanced debug trace headers provide actionable details that will help you troubleshoot your EdgeWorkers.
JavaScript loggingCaptures log messages generated during the current request.
You can also use variable substitution to include dynamic data in the EdgeWorkers logs.
Log Delivery for EdgeWorkersProvides status and failure information for your EdgeWorker IDs over a specified period of time in an LDS server log.

Review these resources and tips that can also help you troubleshoot and test your EdgeWorkers:

  • To handle exceptions cleanly write try and catch blocks in your JavaScript code.
  • Refer to the Limitations section for information about what you should keep in mind when designing your EdgeWorkers functions. You can also review a list of the currently supported delivery products.
  • Use Site Failover to define what action to take in the event that an EdgeWorkers function fails.
  • EdgeWorkers functions are supported on both the Enhanced TLS and Standard TLS networks.