Create an EdgeWorker ID

Use the EdgeWorkers Management application to generate a unique identifier, enter a name, and select a resource tier for your EdgeWorkers code.

  1. Log in to ​Control Center​.

  2. Go to > CDN > EdgeWorkers.

  3. Click Create EdgeWorker ID.

    You cannot edit this auto-generated, unique identifier.

    Create EdgeWorkers ID

  4. Enter Hello World as the name for the EdgeWorkers function.

  5. Select a Group Association.

    You can select only a group that you have permission to access.

  6. Select a Contract ID to associate with the EdgeWorker ID.
    The available resource tiers are filtered based on the contract ID you select.


The Contract ID field only appears if you have more than one contract ID associated with your account.

  1. Select a resource tier.

    EdgeWorkers resource tiers currently include and Dynamic Compute and Basic Compute.

    The limits for each resource tier are different. You can view the limits for the selected resource tier in the details section or you can view the Resource tier limitations section.


Each resource tier has a different billing rate. Please contact your account representative for more information. See the resource tiers section for more information including details about which use cases are supported for each resource tier.

  1. Click Create EdgeWorker ID.

  2. Next, follow these instructions to add the EdgeWorkers behavior.