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Create a code bundle

Refer to these guidelines to create an EdgeWorkers code bundle.

EdgeWorkers functions are defined in a file entitled main.js. You also need to create a manifest file called bundle.json. These are packaged together, along with any other dependencies as a compressed .tgz file.

Create code bundleCreate code bundle

For example, a package called mybundle.tgz includes two files:

  • main.js. The JavaScript source that contains event handler functions.

  • bundle.json. The manifest file that includes necessary meta information.

edgeworker-versionStringUnique identifier for the version
bundle-versionIntegerBundle format version
api-versionStringVersion of JavaScript API that the functions are coded against
descriptionStringDescriptive phrase for the code function
miscObjectMiscellaneous data you can include in the manifest to identify the function

Follow these steps to create the bundle:

  1. Create the JavaScript source in a file called main.js.

  2. Each time you create a new version of the code bundle you need to increment the edgeworker-version in the bundle.json file.

    "edgeworker-version": "1.2",
    "description" : "Perform redirect"
  1. Compress the files into a code bundle.
tar -czvf filename.tgz main.js bundle.json

Once you have created the code bundle, you can use the EdgeWorkers Management application to create an EdgeWorker version.

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Create a code bundle

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