Standard debug headers

To enable request-level debugging you need to include an Akamai Pragma header in the request.

A request that includes an Akamai Pragma header returns the related trace response headers. The Standard debug header provides details and the status type of the EdgeWorkers function executed during the request or response.


See Enable enhanced debug headers for instructions on how to return more detailed response headers that include a status message and the amount of wall time, CPU time, and memory usage consumed by the event handler. Enhanced debug headers can also provide information about HTTP sub-requests.

You can add one or more of the following Akamai Pragma headers to your request:

Akamai Pragma Header

Returns debug information from


the onClientRequest, onClientResponse, onOriginRequest, and onOriginResponse event handlers


only the responseProvider event handler


all event handlers when an HTTP sub-request is made


only the onClientRequest event handler


only the onOriginRequest event handler


only the onOriginResponse event handler


only the onClientResponse event handler

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