Developer tools

Review the developer tools available to help you create, test, and debug your EdgeWorkers functions.

  • Code bundle editor - Use this editor, built-in EdgeWorkers Management application, to edit and validate your code bundles.

  • TypeScript - This official TypeScript binding for the EdgeWorkers JavaScript API includes features to help you design and edit your code.

  • Unit testing for EdgeWorkers - Learn how to set up a suite of unit tests with Jest and Mocha.

  • EdgeWorkers IDE extensions (VSCode and IntelliJ) - Use a popular IDE to develop your JavaScript code.

  • Sandbox - Use Sandbox to create an isolated development environment to test your EdgeWorkers functions locally.

  • EdgeWorkers Code Profiler - Use the EdgeWorkers Code Profiler to gain insight about the CPU performance and memory usage consumed by your EdgeWorkers code.

  • Development environment tutorial - Follow along as we use several developer tools to create, test, and deploy an EdgeWorkers function.