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Jul 21, 2021 β€” Delete EdgeWorker ID support

Posted by skotyck@akamai.com 2 months ago

You can now use the EdgeWorkers Management application, the API, and CLI to:

Apr 9, 2021 β€” EdgeWorkers availability launch

Posted by skotyck@akamai.com 6 months ago

We are pleased to announce a new availability phase for EdgeWorkers. During the last availability phase we introduced the EdgeWorkers Management application, response orchestration, expanded product delivery support, and increased resource limits. We also added support for EdgeKV, a key-value store database.

Mar 24, 2021 β€” Event handler support for sub-requests

Posted by skotyck@akamai.com 6 months ago
  • All event handlers now support HTTP sub-requests.
  • A getHeaders() method is now available for the Request Object in the responseProvider event handler. A getHeaders() method is also available for the httpResponse Object.
  • We added an FAQ section to answer commonly asked questions about EdgeWorkers.
  • We added Best practices for performance to help you maximize the performance of your custom JavaScript code.
  • You can now deactivate an EdgeWorker version. The deactivation history of an EdgeWorker version is also available.
  • When activating an EdgeKV-enabled EdgeWorkers code bundle the EdgeKV files are now validated. We’ve added error messages that describe which files or tokens are missing, invalid, or expired.

Oct 13, 2020 β€” Compute and orchestration capabilities

Posted by skotyck@akamai.com about a year ago

EdgeWorkers now offers these expanded compute and orchestration capabilities:

Jul 17, 2020 β€” Code bundle editor support

Posted by skotyck@akamai.com about a year ago

EdgeWorkers code bundles can now be directly edited in the EdgeWorkers Management application user interface!

Apr 29, 2020 β€” setVariable support

Posted by skotyck@akamai.com about a year ago
  • EdgeWorkers now supports user-defined variables via the setVariable() request method.
  • You can use setVariable to interact with Property Manager or to maintain a state where EdgeWorkers can pass information between callbacks.

Apr 2, 2020 β€” Improved cached delivery and offload

Posted by skotyck@akamai.com about a year ago

This next release of EdgeWorkers uniquely combines the power of Serverless functions and the Akamai Edge; the April release adds powerful features to improve cached delivery and offload, as well as other features to ensure fast and accurate coding from design to production.

Oct 18, 2019 β€” Enhanced secure network expansion

Posted by skotyck@akamai.com about a year ago

We’re excited to announce the expansion of EdgeWorkers to Akamai’s enhanced secure network. You can now run edge functions everywhere on the network. Other notable changes include our new EdgeWorkers Management application and the Command Line Interface (CLI).