Troubleshooting tips

Image & Video Manager has three tools that can help you to troubleshoot issues:

  • Piez
  • Perceptual quality previews
  • Image & Video Manager dashboard

Each provides certain insights into what is actually happening to your images and videos.


Use Piez to gather additional information about your images and videos, including:

  • The number of images and videos optimized on a webpage
  • The total bytes saved for all processed media
  • The percentage reduction in bytes for all processed media
  • The size of an original (pristine) image or video
  • The size and format of the derivative image or video
  • Whether a derivative image or video has been real-time or offline optimized

Perceptual quality previews

Use perceptual quality previews to help determine why images were converted to an unexpected format.

Image & Video Manager dashboard

Use the Image & Video Manager dashboard to: