Add the Image and Video Manager (Images) behavior

Rules contain one or more behaviors that are applied when the If criteria are met.

To add the Image and Video Manager (Images) behavior to your Image and Video Manager (Images) rule:

  1. Follow the steps in Add an Image and Video Manager rule to create your rule.

  2. Click Add Behavior.

  3. Select Image and Video Manager (Images) from the list of available behaviors.

  4. Configure the following settings:




Toggle On to allow Image and Video Manager to apply optimization settings to your images and to generate the API keys.

Scale for Mobile

Toggle On to let the Image and Video Manager algorithms choose the best derivative image width for the requesting device's screen size and resolution.

Use Best File Type

Toggle On to automatically convert images to the best file type for the requesting device. This results in the smallest file size that retains image quality, based on the user agent and the original pristine image.


Choose the location closest to your website's heaviest traffic. If this varies, choose United States.

Pristine Images CP Code

Select the CP code to track image traffic between IM and your origin.

Derivative Images CP Code

Select the CP code to track traffic serving derivative images to end users.

Apply Existing Policy Set

Toggle to Yes to apply an existing policy set to your property.

Toggle to No to automatically create a new policy set to associate with this property.

Policy Set Type

Toggle to Standard to use the standard policy set name, which is based on your property name.

Toggle to Custom to let Image and Video Manager automatically create a custom policy set when "Apply Existing Policy Set" is set to No.

Policy Set Name (API Key)

Note this name and record it somewhere you can find it later. This name associates a set of Image and Video Manager policies with this instance of the Image and Video Manager (Images) behavior.

You will need this value when setting up your policies in <<PRODUCT_NAME>. It is good practice to include "image" in this name so that you know it is a image policy when you select it in Image and Video Manager.

  1. Click Save.


Set Parameter behavior

If you will be applying multiple Image and Video Manager policies on your property, you may also need to configure the Set Parameter behavior. You may wish to do so before you save your rule.

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