Reduce an image to fill a shape

Use Image and Video Manager to reduce an image to fill a shape.

You can use the Fit and Fill transformation to resize an image to fit inside a specific size box on your website and, when there is an aspect ratio mismatch, fill the extra area with a blurred version of the same image. This helps preserve the integrity of your page layout while making your website more visually appealing.

Example of the impact on images

Here's an example of an image before and after it was reduced to fill a box on a website.

Original image:

original image

With Fit and Fill applied (vertical fill):
reduced image with vertical fill

With Fit and Fill applied (horizontal fill):

reduced image with horizontal fill

How to

  1. Log in to ‚ÄčAkamai Control Center‚Äč, then go to ‚ėį > CDN > Image and Video Manager.

  2. Select the correct Contract from the list.

  3. Create a new policy:

    • Click +Create, then click Policy on the menu that appears.
    • Select the policy set to which you wish to add the new policy.
    • Give your new policy a name, for example, "fit_and_fill".
    • Click Create.

    The Image Policy Editor opens.

  4. Click + to open the list of Transformations.

  5. Click Fit and Fill.

  6. Specify the width and height in pixels of the finished image.

    If you prefer, you can select variables containing the width and height.

  7. Refresh the preview pane to preview your transformation.

  8. Click Save and Test on Staging.