This experimental feature has been made available for you to try so that your feedback can be included in our development process. This feature is still under development and is subject to change without notice. It may be replaced or even removed. It is not intended for use in a production capacity. We do however, encourage you to use it in staging or on pre-production traffic, and to email us with your feedback.

Use Mono Hue to set all hues in an image to a single specified hue of your choosing. To specify a hue, indicate the degree of rotation between 0 and 360 degrees around the color wheel. By default Mono Hue applies a red hue, 0.0 on the color wheel. Decimal values are supported when entering a hue value.

Mono Hue maintains the original color's lightness and saturation but sets the hue to that of the specified value. This has the effect of making the image shades of the specified hue.

Mono Hue only applies changes where color exists in an image. It will not apply changes to a grayscale image or to parts of an image where there is no saturation.

If you add the IMQuery transformation to a policy, use the im variable, and select Mono Hue, you can use a query string to set all hues in an image to a single specified hue. See Syntax and Examples for the syntax for the query string parameter.