Add image transformations and conditions

Image transformations and conditions are added to an image policy to automate processes like cropping, rotating, resizing, and the application of visual effects to your source images. Certain transformations and conditions can be applied post-processing instead, which means the transformation or condition will not be applied until the image and quality settings have already been applied.


Transformations change the appearance of the your original images. Examples of transformations include cropping, rotating, resizing, visual effects, and more.


Define conditions to dynamically apply transformations depending on the dimensions or orientation of the original image. For example, you could apply a crop that is conditional on the original image being square.

See If Dimension for details about the If Dimension settings.

See If Orientation for details about the If Orienation settings.


With the IMQuery transformation you and your web developers can apply artistic transformations to images quickly and dynamically without having to create multiple policies, or update a policy for every change. To use IMQuery, append a query string to the image URL.

How to

  1. In ​Akamai Control Center​, go to > CDN > Image and Video Manager.

  2. Select the correct contract, policy set, and policy.

    See Create and edit policies for more information on how policies are created.

  3. From the Actions menu for the policy, select View/Edit on staging.

    This opens the Image Policy Editor.


You can also view and edit policies on production by selecting View/Edit policy on production, but it is usually best to test your changes on staging first.

  1. Click + to expand the list of available transformations.

  2. Select the transformation or condition to apply.

  3. Configure the transformation settings.

  4. Add and configure any additional transformations or conditions you want to apply to your images.


    Processing order

    Make sure your transformations and conditions appear in the workflow in the order in which they should be applied. Transformations and conditions at the top of the workflow are applied first.

  5. Refresh the preview pane to preview the impact that the transformations and conditions in your workflow will have on your images. This pane contains a sample image, but you can substitute your own.