About Phased Release

The Phased Release Cloudlet lets you define the percentage of your visitors to direct to a different experience or origin while maintaining visitor stickiness.

This Cloudlet can help facilitate a fast rollout of code changes to production with real users, allowing you to gradually move some visitors to a new experience or deployment while retaining the flexibility to roll back immediately should you encounter challenges.


The diagram shows how Phased Release works when transitioning from an existing application to a newly-deployed application. To create this scenario, you first need to define which visitor populations should be transitioned to the new application or infrastructure instance.

Once visitors start using the new instance or experience, you can either gradually increase the percentage of visitors, or fail back in case errors occur with the new application.

In this example, two populations are defined: one with 100% of users being sent to Origin 1, and another with 15% of users being sent to Origin 2, and the rest being sent to Origin 1. If no issues are found with Origin 2, you can gradually increase the percentage of visitors to Origin 2.


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