Migrating Data Center

To migrate to a new data center, first add the new data center to your configuration and set the Traffic % value of the old data center to 0%.

For example, if you have an ALB setup with Load Balancer with a single data center (DC1).

Data CenterTraffic %

To switch to another data center (DC2):

  1. Create a new version of Load Balancer with the following configuration:
Data CenterTraffic %
  1. Activate this configuration.
  2. Remove DC1.
Data CenterTraffic %
  1. Activate setup with DC2 only.

You have successfully migrated to a new data center.

If you may want to switch back to DC1 in the future, you can skip steps 3 and 4. Leave the Load Balancer configuration active which has DC1 at 0% and DC2 at 100%, so that you can easily switch back to DC1 by adjusting the Traffic %.