About Forward Rewrite

The Forward Rewrite Cloudlet helps you create, based on in-bound request information, human-readable and search engine optimization-friendly (SEO-friendly) URLs for dynamically-generated pages.

Use cases

You can use Forward Rewrite for:

  • Geographically-based marketing campaigns. You are running a sale in a select geographic area, and you want to serve a special sales page in response to requests from that geography.
  • Mobile vs. desktop users. You want to serve one version of a page for requests from mobile devices, and a different version for desktop-based requests.


Based on your Forward Rewrite rules, ‚ÄčAkamai‚Äč rewrites the requested URL and returns a different asset, optionally from an alternate origin. The rewrite is not visible to the visitor: the URL shown to the visitor stays the same.


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