Manage Cloudlets policies

Once you create a Cloudlets policy, you can clone, delete, edit, and move it.

How to

  1. Go to > CDN > Edge logic Cloudlets.

  2. On the Cloudlet Policies screen, locate the policy you want to manage and click the cog in the Actions column.

  3. Click one of the following options and complete the relevant tasks:



Activate Policy

  1. Click **Activate Policy**.
  2. Choose the **Policy Version**.
  3. Select **Activation Network** from the menu.
  4. Click **Activate Policy**.

Clone Policy

  1. Click **Clone Policy**.
  2. Verify that the rules you want are in the new policy.
  3. Click **Clone Policy** to complete the action.
**Note:** The new policy contains the rules from the most recent version of the cloned policy. It also includes **_clone** in the policy name.

Deactivate Policy

  1. Click **Deactivate Policy**.
  2. Select **Network** from the menu.
  3. Click **Deactivate Version**.
**Note:** Applicable for activated Shared Policies only.

Delete Policy

  1. Click **Delete Policy**.
  2. If **Delete Policy** is disabled, [view activation details](doc:view-activation-details). You can delete the policy once all pending activations are complete.
  3. Verify that:
    • you selected the correct policy.
    • deleting this policy will not negatively impact any associated properties.
  4. Click **I have read and I understand the implications of this action**.
  5. Click **Delete Policy**.
**Note:** Not applicable to activated Shared Policies. If a Shared Policy is active, the **Deactivate** option is available instead.

Move Policy

  1. Select **Move Policy**.
  2. In **Group Association**, select the group you want to move the policy to.
  3. Click **Move Policy**.

Upgrade to Shared Policy

Note: Upgrading an existing policy to Shared Policy creates a new type of "many-to-one" policy (that is more efficient than the legacy policy). See Cloudlets Terminology to learn more about Shared Policies behavior.

This option lets you upgrade your existing legacy policy to a new Shared Policy. See Upgrade to Shared Policy to follow the steps to perform this task.

View Policy Details

  1. Select **View Policy Details**.
  2. Edit the policy notes as needed.

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