Manage Cloudlet policies and policy versions

A policy is a container for the rules that govern how a Cloudlet behaves. All policies are the same between Cloudlets: you select the type of Cloudlet you are configuring, give it a name, and add a description.

A policy version is a specific revision of your Cloudlets policy that you set up to meet a business need. You set up rules, the business logic of the policy, within a policy version.

For example, if you use Edge Redirector, you might want one policy for holiday sales, and another for quarterly sales campaigns. For business continuity, you could also set up a policy for redirects to your disaster recovery hot site.

Rules within Cloudlet policies

You can add up to 5000 rules to a Cloudlets policy. If you need more than 5000 rules, you can set up multiple Cloudlets policies in Cloudlets Policy Manager and multiple Cloudlet behaviors in Property Manager. You will have to set up the rules for the behaviors so that they are mutually exclusive.


If your rules are not working as expected before the 5000 limit, contact support. You may have hit a cost limit. If you are using Edge Redirector, try running the Policy Analysis Tool first.