Manage Cloudlet rules

In the Rule List on the Version Details screen, you can view, edit, clone (or edit new version), delete, upload and download rules.

You can also change the order of the rules. Rules are evaluated from top to bottom, with the first match winning.

Change rule order
  • To see the rules in ascending or descending order, click Order ↑ or Order ↓. The rule order is always saved in the ascending order.
  • You can manually change the rule order by updating the number in the box (□). If for example you have 5 rules, you can enter a number between 1 and 5. Changing the order number of one of the rules also changes the number for at least one other rule or multiple rules since no two rules can have the same order number. After you change the order number in the box, click Update Order and Save Changes.
  • To move a rule to the very top of the rule list or to the very bottom, use the pointing up triangle (▲) or pointing down triangle (▼) and click Save Changes. The order the rules are evaluated is also changed.
  • When you have several changes, you can edit the rules and the rule order in a CSV file.
    1. Click Download Rules.
    2. Edit and save the CSV file.
    3. Click Upload Rules.
      The rules are added below the original rules.
    4. Select the original rules and click Delete Selected Rules.
    5. Click Save Changes.

    6. For more information on CSV rule files, see Download rules in CSV format and Upload rules in CSV format.
  • Clone a ruleCloning makes a copy of the rule.
    If you want to make a clone, click the button for the rule and select Clone Rule.
    The new clone displays directly below its parent rule.
    Delete rulesIf you want to delete a rule, click the button for the rule and select Delete Rule.
    Download rules using a CSV fileSee Download rules in CSV format.
    Edit a ruleIf you want to edit a rule, click the button for the rule and select Edit Rule.
    Upload rules using a CSV fileSee Upload rules in CSV format.