Application Load Balancer Cloudlet

To get started quickly with the Application Load Balancer Cloudlet, complete these steps:

  1. If necessary, set up the roles and permissions for your Cloudlets users.
  2. Determine which property to use and the number of data centers you want to load balance.
  3. In Property Manager:
    1. Add and set up a Conditional Origin to represent each data center.
    2. Activate Conditional Origins.
  4. In Cloudlets Policy Manager, in the Manage Load Balancing Setup tab:
    1. Create a new load balancing configuration.
    2. Activate the load balancing configuration
  5. In the Cloudlets Policy Manager, in the Manage Cloudlets Policies tab:
    1. Create a policy.
    2. Configure Application Load Balancer rules for the policy.
    3. Activate the policy.
  6. In Property Manager:
    1. Add the Application Load Balancer behavior to the appropriate property.
    2. Activate the property.

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