Add an API Prioritization rule

Cloudlets rules determine what API Prioritization does when an incoming request meets a set of criteria. You can use Cloudlets Policy Manager to add rules, or you can add them using a CSV file.

How to

  1. Go to > CDN > Edge logic Cloudlets.

  2. On the Cloudlet Policies screen, click the name of the policy you want to add rules to.

  3. On the Policy Details screen, click the version you want to update or click Create New Version.

  4. On the Version Details screen, click Add Rule.

  5. Complete these fields on the Create a Rule screen:

Rule NameName this rule.
Always OnSelect if the rule is always applied.
Start Date/TimeEnter the start date and time for the rule.
End Date/TimeEnter the end date and time for the rule.
Match Definition (IF-section)
Match TypeSelect the match type to use for this rule.
Enter any operators or match criteria needed for the match type you choose.

See Review available match types for API Prioritization for more information.

Note: If using an IP address or CIDR list match, review the list of invalid IP addresses and CIDR lists.
Action (THEN) section
Serve Alternate ResponseEnable to send the alternate response to all requests. Enabling this option overrides the Likelihood to Origin field.

Note: You configure the location of the alternate response in the API Prioritization behavior in Property Manager.
Likelihood to OriginSet the likelihood, or probability, that a new request is sent to the origin, and does not receive the alternate response. Setting the slider to 0% prevents new visitors from accessing the origin, but provides origin access to existing priority users.
  1. If you want to add another rule, click + in the match section.
  2. Click Save Rule. The new rule displays first on the Version Details screen.


Cloudlets Policy Manager evaluates rules from top to bottom with the first match winning.

  1. Activate the policy.