Welcome to Media Services Live

Use Media Services Live (MSL) 4 to provide high-quality streaming media to a global viewing audience. Learn how to:

For some background information on how we deliver a broadcast-quality experience to live-streaming viewers, check out the Media Service Live product page.

You can access your Media Services Live account on Control Center‚Äč.

  1. Log in to https://control.akamai.com.

  2. Go to ‚ėį > ORIGIN SERVICES > Media Services Live.

  3. View the MSL streams dashboard. You can use the entity selector on the left to view lists of your live streams and their origins.

  4. Click the ellipsis ... at the end of the row for the stream you want to manage, then you can choose:

    • Further Actions. On this page you can set up delivery configuration, log delivery, QoS monitor, and alerts.

    • Reports. Displays the Media Services Live reports for your streams.

    • Clone. Creates an exact duplicate of the stream for reuse, without disrupting the workflow.

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