Set up the MSL origin

Set up a Media Services origin hostname for OTT or live events.

You can publish live streaming content through ​Akamai​ or any content delivery network (CDN). The feature is targeted primarily for OTT applications, but can also be used for other live specific events. When you publish, you can directly push content from encoders into the origin through the ​Akamai​ ingest server. You can use this hostname as the origin for your Adaptive Media Delivery property. Then, you can pull the published content into origin through a CDN.

Get your Stream ID

After you create your MSL stream, ​Akamai​ generates a unique numeric value for it. This is its Stream ID. You’ll need this value during this process:

  1. Access ​Akamai​ Control Center​.

  2. Log in with an account that has access to Media Services Live.

  3. Select > ORIGIN SERVICES > Media Services Live.

  4. Locate your stream based on its Stream Name and make note of the numeric value in parentheses.

Origin Shield

Akamai protects Media Services Live origins through the Origin Shield technology, a mid-tier caching layer strategically placed close to your origin. The Origin Shield sits between the intelligent edge platform and your origin to protect your servers from request overload.

CP codes

A CP code is necessary to track and report on web traffic handled by ​Akamai​ servers. You can generate CP codes to implement detailed billing and reporting functions and assign them to custom properties in the ​Akamai​ PORTAL_NAME.

If you're a new customer with no existing origins, you can choose two different CP codes from the contract—one for ​Akamai​ CDN and another CDNs. The CP code for other CDNs is activated only if you Share origin with the Multi-CDN setting.

If you're an existing customer, you can choose:

  • One CP code as the Origin Egress CP code from the existing origin in the current account.
  • One CP code as the 3rd Party CP Code from existing third-party CP codes of origins in the current account.