Edit and delete streams

After you create a stream, it appears in the list of streams in the MSL streams dashboard along with the parameters you configured.

  1. Log in to Control Center​.

  2. Go to > ORIGIN SERVICES > Media Services Live.

  • To view detailed information for each stream, click on its name.
    To edit the stream parameter values, click Edit. You can change the values for Ingest Acceleration and Encoder Verification under Stream Ingest Details. Under Archive Settings, you can change all of the parameters. Click Save at the bottom of the page to change the stream parameters.

  • To hide the details, click on the stream name again.

Click the ellipsis under Actions on the main page, then you can choose to Delete Stream or Delete & Purge Stream. If you choose Delete Stream the stream will be permanently deleted, but any archived content saved on NetStorage will continue to incur billing. If you choose Delete & Purge Stream, the stream will be permanently deleted and any archived content saved on NetStorage for this stream will also be deleted and cannot be restored after 5 days.