Manage streams with IAS

You can use the IAS interface to start streams, stop streams, and view stream statistics.

Click start buttonstart button to start pulling the stream. This button appears only when the stream has not been started.

Click stop buttonstop button to stop pulling the stream when the stream is started. This button appears only when the stream is started.

Click edit buttonedit button to edit the stream configuration.

  • If the stream is started, use this button to edit manifest polling interval, auto-polling and timeouts. Other fields will be disabled and you cannot edit them.
  • If the stream is not started, use this button to edit all available fields.

Click delete buttondelete button to delete the pull adapter stream configuration. If the stream is started, this button stops the stream and deletes the stream configuration.

Click statistics buttonstatistics button to display the status of the http pull request of the stream.
pull adapter request statisticspull adapter request statistics

View IAS pull adapter logs

The IAS pull adapter logs are captured in the IAS log files. You can filter the IAS log file using the log tag PullAdapter to obtain the pull adapter logs.

A sample log looks like this:

{1554751488.545} { } [PullAdapter-DashDlsdMain] Segment with URL: 
pulled and forwarded to IAS successfully. Time taken: 311ms

Log files can be resource intensive. If you need to rotate the logs, enable this option and set the rotationcount and rotationsize in your /var/opt/akamai-ias/setup.xml file.

LogDir="/var/log/akamai-ias" PmMaxSessions="4" PmTimeOut="3m"
    TempID="Da_Matpef_Pokres_09645958" Variant="IAS">
  <log ratelimit="2000" type="NORMAL">
    <console enabled="false"/>
    <file enabled="true" nodate="false" rotationcount="20" rotationsize="100000000"/>
    <server enabled="false"/>

rotationcount is the number of files to keep and `rotationsize' is the size of each file measured in bytes.

After making the changes in /var/opt/akamai-ias/setup.xml, restart the akamai-ias service.

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