Update an origin's multi-CDN settings

You can add, edit, enable, or disable CDNs for your origin. To update an origin's multi-CDN settings:

  1. Select the origin from the origin hostnames to display the edit origin page.

  2. Click Edit.

  3. In the edit origin page, you can add, edit, enable, or disable CDNs. You can also rotate the shared key for a CDN.

    Add a CDNClick the Add Akamai CDN Key or Add 3rd Party CDN Key and follow the steps described in Share origin.
    Edit a CDNExpand the row to see shared key information by clicking the arrow icon in each row. If it's an Akamai CDN, you can edit only the name. If it's a third-party CDN, you can edit only the name and the expiry date.
    Disable a CDNUnder Enabled, toggle the slider to deselect the CDN.
    Delete a CDNUnder Actions, click the trash can icon corresponding to the CDN that you want to delete.
    Rotate the secretUnder Actions, click the rotate secret icon. A new key is generated. After the new key is generated, the previous key also appears. You can specify the expiry date for the current and previous key. Ensure that the previous key and previous data expires sooner than the current key.
  4. After you finish editing the origin, click Save to save your origin configuration