Update username and password

If you enabled HTTP digest authentication when you created the stream, you can rotate the authentication keys without affecting the existing live stream.

You can make these changes when you edit streams.

  1. Click Rotate to set an expiration date. By default, it is two days from the current day in UTC. You can set it to a minimum of one day and maximum of ninety days from the current day.



    Once the previous stream authentication expires, it will not appear in the UI.

  2. Enter a new username and password, then select a hash algorithm.



    The username and password cannot match previous stream authentication settings.

  3. Click Save to confirm the changes.

    You're limited to two authentication keys for a given stream, only one of which will be active. During a password rotation period, two sets of authentication keys may be active at the same time. The server validates all incoming authorization headers against both sets, and issues a successful authorization response if validation of any incoming authorization header succeeds against any one of the active credentials.


    Before deleting a previous authentication set, ensure that you update your encoder to avoid inadvertently making your stream inaccessible. You'll receive an Ingest Auth failure alert email if this expires.