Use the Instant TV feature

Dynamically create a manifest that points to segments of a live stream.

The Instant TV feature allows your stream viewers to request a clip at a specified start time during a live event. If they join the event at a point in the stream after the start time, they can jump back to the beginning and watch from there. You can use this feature without changing the manifest published on the encoder or restarting the encoder.

  • startTime: Time in epoch format that the event begins or where you want to start the program from.

  • endTime: You can define a specific time in epoch format, but this is optional. If the endTimeis not defined, MSL4 will generate a live event manifest for the stream.

You should give a startTime within 12 hours of the current time. Otherwise, the start of the event will be trimmed to 12 hours and the streaming edge servers will continue to serve the content but only for the last 12 hours.

URL syntax

If the event has not ended or the endTime isn't defined, use this URL syntax:



HLS examples:

DASH examples:

If the event has already ended, use this URL syntax:



To enable this feature, choose the Advanced Archive option.

Update your Adaptive Media Delivery property

In order to apply this feature, you need to change a few settings in your Adaptive Media Delivery property configuration.

  1. In Property Manager, set the match criteria to match on archive manifest file extensions .m3u8 or .mpd with properly formatted Query String Parameters in the request URLs.



    This example also shows endTime, but that's optional.

  2. Add a Cache Key Query Parameters behavior to include startTimeas an exact match (endTimeis optional).


  3. Add a Caching behavior to Force revalidation of stale objects with origin.


  4. If you're using token authentication with Instant TV, you need to need to enable Token in URI and add master-archive.m3u8 in the Master Manifest Files list.



You can also include a Filename match criteria to match on -archive. This prevents requests for other manifest files that include startTimeand endTimeas query string parameters from being interpreted as Instant TV requests.