Ingest limits

When you publish MSL 4 streams, you need to adhere to these ingest rate limits to avoid disruption of stream delivery to your viewers. Breaching the ingest limits can cause disruption to the stream delivery for your viewers, so you should configure your encoder to adhere to these guidelines. If you exceed these limitations, an error response will be sent to the encoder.


The ingest rate limits apply when there is one event per stream. Implementing multiple events per stream may impact performance of the media stream and archiving.

AttributeLimitResponse codeError code
Maximum number of hits per second for a stream rendition10 hits/second429ERROR_EXCEED_RL_RENDITION_HITS_LIMIT
Maximum number of hits per second for a streamID100 hits/second429ERROR_EXCEED_RL_STREAM_HITS_LIMIT
Maximum bitrate per rendition45 Mbps429ERROR_EXCEED_RL_RENDITION_BITS_LIMIT
Aggregate maximum bitrate per streamID publishing either primary OR backup stream75 Mbps429ERROR_EXCEED_RL_STREAM_BITS_LIMIT
Aggregate maximum bitrate per streamID publishing both primary AND backup streams150 Mbps429ERROR_EXCEED_RL_STREAM_BITS_LIMIT


You will get an email alert warning when the limit is at 85%, so you can adjust your encoder settings. When you Create your Media Services Live streams, make sure to enter an email address that can accept notifications 24/7/365.

These limits also apply to Ingest Accelerated streams. You'll see a warning in the IAS client UI when the limits are exceeded.


In this case, error responses are not sent back to the encoder to avoid disrupting the entire stream. Check the email that is set up to receive alert notifications to understand the ingest limits violated.