IAS pull adapter DASH workflow

The DASH stream generated by the packager or origin server should follow the encoder qualification guidelines for HTTP ingest as stated in HTTP ingest requirements.

Features supported

  • SegmentTemplate with number-based addressing
  • SegmentTemplate with SegmentTimeline
  • Live DASH streams with manifest with type=dynamic

Features not supported

  • The following types of segment addressing schemes:
    • SegmentBase
    • SegmentList
    • SegmentURL
  • VOD streams and manifests with type=static
  • EventStream
  • InbandEventStream
  • SubRepresentation

Mandatory tags for DASH manifest

  • MPD@availabilityStartTime
  • MPD@minimumUpdatePeriod
  • MPD@publishTime
  • MSD@type
  • Period@start
  • Representation@id
  • Representation@bandwidth
  • SegmentTemplate@duration
  • SegmentTemplate@duration (for number based manifests) or SegmentTemplate.SegmentTimeline (for segment timeline based manifests)
  • SegmentTemplate.SegmentTimeline.d


The base URL should contain only the relative URL. Absolute URLs are currently not supported in the IAS pull adapter.

Polling interval recommendation

For number based manifests use auto-polling=True. If the actual duration of the segments is not equal to the duration indicated in the manifest, use auto-polling=False and set manifest-polling-interval to 1/4th of the segment duration .

For time based manifests use auto-polling=False, and set manifest-polling-interval to 1/4th of segment duration in the manifest.