Qualify your encoder

Learn how to test and qualify third-party encoders for streaming media events.

To facilitate the streaming of high-quality live events in Media Services Live (MSL), you’ll use third-party live encoders that are compatible with MSL for the Adobe Flash platform and Apple iPhone and iPad. In order to ensure the quality and reliability of MSL events, you’ll need to test the encoders on the MSL platform. Read this document to learn more about the Akamai encoder qualification and testing process.

You’ll want to test a live stream encoder before using it for a live event. Third-party encoder vendors can validate their solution in a non-production environment. Qualification enables the encoder vendors and Akamai to work together and address potential issues quickly and efficiently. Akamai works with the vendor to ensure new features in both MSL and the encoder vendor's product work well together by providing technical updates and testing.

To ensure a successful and high-quality live streaming delivery, use an encoder qualified with MSL for HLS, HDS, DASH, CMAF, and RTMP formats. Third-party encoders are thoroughly tested against MSL to ensure that hardware, software, and future updates meet compatibility guidelines. Limitations of a non-qualified encoder include difficult technical escalations and issue resolution, unsupported security mechanisms, and incompatibilities with various functionality such as 24/7 streams.


MSL 4 restricts non-qualified encoders on the DASH, HDS, and CMAF streaming protocols, but does not restrict HLS and RTMP streams.

For a list of live encoders and the latest software versions that are qualified for use with Media Services Live, refer to: https://community.akamai.com/docs/DOC-9177-qualified-encoders-msl32-msl-4x