Go live in AMD with MSL origin

You need to associate the MSL origin hostname with an Adaptive Media Delivery (AMD) property configuration in order to deliver the content.

Follow these steps to set up a new AMD property to associate with your MSL configuration.

  1. Go to > CDN > Properties, and then click New Property.

  2. Use the top-right menu in the header to select the appropriate Control Center account (one with access to the applicable product).

  3. In the Property Name field, enter a desired name for the AMD property. This serves two purposes:

    • The filename for the property, and
    • How it is displayed for access throughout the Property Manager UIs in Control Center.
  4. Set the Origin Server behavior options:

    Origin TypeSelect Media Service Live.
    MSL OriginInput the Primary Hostname value.
  5. Set the Segmented Media Delivery Mode behavior options.

    ModeSelect Live.
    Enable ULL StreamingYou can enable low latency Streaming with your Media Services Live (MSL) 4.x streams. Low latency streaming helps to reduce latency and decrease overall transfer time of DASH streams delivered via AMD. For low latency with HLS, you need to use a third-party origin. This is not supported with HDS or Smooth.
    Show Advanced OptionsSet this slider to On.
    Live TypeSelect either Linear or Event, based on your need.
    Segment Access Time ModeIf you know the segment access time, and wish to set a specific value, leave this at Configurable and use the Segment Access Time options to specify a numerical duration, along with the applicable time increment of days, hours, minutes, and seconds in the drop-down menu. Otherwise, set this value to Unknown. Event start and end times are in GMT.
  6. In the Origin Characteristics behavior, set the appropriate Origin Location and apply Authentication Method settings, if applicable.

    ModeSelect Live.
    Origin LocationSelect the geographical location for your media origin.
    Authentication MethodSelect Akamai Media Services Live.
    KeyThis value must match the key you define when you Create your Media Services Live streams.
    NameThis value must match the name you define when you Create your Media Services Live streams.
  7. Set these options in the Content Characteristics behavior:

Catalog Size Select Other .
Content Type Based on the desired output quality, select any of the following:
  • Standard Definition . For 480 i/p content.

  • High Definition . For 720 - 1080 i/p content.

  • Ultra High Definition (4K) .

  • Other . For any other resolution content.

  • Unknown . If you don't know.

Popularity Distribution Select Other .
Enable HLS/HDS/DASH/CMAF Set these sliders to Yes to enable compatible stream types, and to No to disable incompatible types.
Segment/Fragment Duration Choose the appropriate segment duration, in seconds for each stream typ you've enabled: 2s , 4s , 6s , 8s , or 10s . Leave the Origin Object Size set to Unknown for each.
  1. In the Client Characteristics behavior, set the Client Location to the geographic region that best represents where the clients that will be accessing this content are located.

  2. Specify the desired match criteria and parameters for the Cache Key Query Parameters behavior.

  3. Save the property.

  4. Activate the property on the Staging network and test the playback.

  5. When you're satisfied with testing, return to this configuration and activate it on the Production network to go live.