Check stream statistics

To check the status of playlists and POST requests, click Stream Statistics to display the origin stream pull status for manifests and segments as:

  • Pull state. Displays the status of the segment and manifest or playlist. If the playlist is updated with a new segment, it fetches the segment. It fetches the HLS playlist or DASH manifest as per the auto-polling interval configured.
  • Forward state. Displays the status of the POST requests to IAS. It does not reflect IAS POST to the ingest server.


Note: The pull adapter stream statistics only displays the status of the pull adapter forward status to IAS. It does not display any IAS forwarding error to the ingest server (DNS error or connection error). To view IAS status, check the Stream configuration tab on the IAS UI.

This is an example of the stream status for an HLS stream.


This shows the stream status example for a DASH stream.


The display contains the states explained in this table.

Not pulledThe URL is yet to be pulled.
Pull successfulThe URL is pulled successfully.
Pull failedThe pull request failed.
Not forwardedThe URL has not yet been sent to IAS.
Forwarding not requiredThe manifest has not changed. So, the system does not forward the manifest to IAS.
Forward successfulThe system successfully forwarded the URL to IAS.
Forward failedThe system failed to forward the URL to IAS.