Testing process

If you're interested in having your encoder solutions tested, follow these steps to test your encoder compatibility with Media Services Live.

  1. Perform a technical review of the encoder guidelines.

  2. Submit a checklist per protocol of the encoder name, model, and version number.
    Akamai sends you a case number. Include this case number in all future communication.

  3. Akamai provides the test entry points and playback URLs.

  4. Publish the functioning stream on the provided entry point.

  5. Akamai analyzes the stream and provides approval or feedback.

If you're interested in testing your encoder with MSL, make sure that your technical representative reviews the encoder guidelines for the format that you want to test.

After your encoder meets requirements, email encoder_qual_requests@akamai.com with this information:

  • Business and technical contacts.

  • A list of customers and prospects interested in using your encoder.

  • Akamai personnel that you're working with.

  • A checklist for each format that you test.

Akamai reviews your information and contacts you with instructions to proceed with the qualification process.

Once you have that information, you'll need to publish a stream to the entrypoint provided and ensure that it plays back successfully. Akamai analyzes the incoming stream and evaluates it. If the encoder is compatible with MSL, then you can use this encoder to stream live events using MSL. Otherwise, Akamai provides feedback to help resolve issues.