Upgrade or change a boomerang version

To experience the latest mPulse Boomerang features, upgrade to the newest Boomerang version.

For details, see the Boomerang Version Feature Matrix.



Boomerang releases are not without risk. All releases are tested internally based on a variety of scenarios and use cases. However, not every possible combination of website and browser can be tested. If you experience any issues with a boomerang upgrade or change, roll back the boomerang version as soon as possible, then contact your account team for assistance.

Before selecting a different version of boomerang for your application or company, consider the following:

  • mPulse beacons need about 15 to 20 minutes to synchronize with a boomerang version change.
  • Due to CDN caching, it takes a few minutes to start serving the new boomerang version to your visitors.
  • Due to the way your visitors web browser caches boomerang, it might take several days for all of your visitors to get the new version.
  • It can take up to 7 days for cached boomerang objects to refresh, However, it's typical to see an 80% uptake within 48 hours. This time frame applies to the new version, which will gradually replace the old version, and to the process to revert it back. This caching is necessary to ensure the consistent and reliable performance for boomerang.
  • Verify your mPulse dashboards and note the beacon flow. You can use this information to verify.

Once the new boomerang version is applied to your app configuration, consider the following:

  • Before releasing a new boomerang version to your customers, test boomerang on a staging domain to make sure that your application is working as expected.
  • Monitor your mPulse dashboards to make sure that everything is working correctly. Look for changes in the overall beacon flow and in any of the dimensions that you track with mPulse. Changes in your mPulse environment can be due to normal variability, not necessarily to the upgrade itself.
  • If you have system annotations enabled, look at your mPulse charts. You'll see a note that marks when your boomerang version change was applied.