Quick start

Get started as a first-time user

This guide walks you through the basics, then shows you how to use mPulse to see your performance in real time. You'll understand immediately how changes to your ​Akamai​ configuration or your website impacts your visitors' experience.

New to mPulse

If you're new to mPulse, go to Marketplace and sign up for a free trial.

Already an ​Akamai​ Web Performance customer

After the mPulse-enabled property is active on the ​Akamai​ production network, your data (beacons) are directed to your mPulse app (see How mPulse works). You can log in to mPulse directly, get familiar with the product, then add some customization to your web app configuration for more in-depth analysis on your site.

For details on mPulse edge injection and advanced mPulse options, see About mPulse edge injection.

mPulse at the origin

If you're an mPulse customer and require mPulse at your origin server, see Set up mPulse at the origin for instructions on how to tag your site with the mPulse snippet. After a quick setup process, you'll see live dashboards in mPulse with your own data. While the setup is simple, if you're not comfortable doing this task by yourself, you can chat online with mPulse experts or have a colleague help you.